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There really is no limit to the kind of massages you can enjoy while in Delhi. You can head out to the traditional spa and get a regular deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage. Or, you can give us a call, set up a time with out of our girls, and book yourself a soapy massage. What exactly is a Swedish massage? Well, it’s basically your childhood and adulthood fantasies all wrapped into a single experience.

 Let’s face it, if you can take a bath you’re going to take a bubble bath. Why wouldn’t you? Bubbles instantly makes anything better. That even includes a massage. Now, while you can’t go to your local spa with a jug of bubble bath, you can receive a wet massage while in Delhi. Just how sudsy you want it is up to you though. You might want to keep it a bit more confined, so it is more a thick lather, similar to a shaving cream. Or, maybe you want to go all out and take your bubbles to the extreme. Whatever it is you’re interested in and whatever size of bubbles you like, your Delhi soapy massage will check off both your boyish and adult bath fantasies. 

Participants in a soapy massage will get wet. But don’t worry. You’ll also get clean too. So if this sounds like the kind of massage you’re interested in give us a call. We’ll connect you with the right girl and find the best time for you to get down and dirty (while also getting clean). This is just one of those amazing massages you’ll never be able to have back home, but that’s one of the great things about Delhi. You can always find a wet massage. Just give us a call and let us help you turn this Delhi soapy massage fantasy into a reality.

E-48 Second Floor, Above Federal Bank,

 Hauz Khas Market

New Delhi-110016

Call : 9599969000, 8130913630

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